NERF NEWS: 2018 Nerf blasters revealed – and they look AWESOME!

NERF NEWS: 2018 Nerf blasters revealed – and they look AWESOME!

So the excitement begins! Images and limited spec details of Nerfs 2018 blaster line up have been revealed ahead of the usual fall release time and I have to say they look awesome! Your Nerf gun games and Nerf wars are about to become a lot more interesting!

Updates to the existing ranges include some really cool looking blasters with names such as the Infinus (Elite), the Thunderhawk (Mega/Accustrike), the Ghost-Ops Evader (Modulus), the Scravenger (Zombie Strike) and last but by no means least the Prometheus and Hades, (Rival).


Nerf N-Strike Elite INFINUS

nerf n strike elite infinus blaster new 2018

This sure looks like a Hyperfire upgrade! With a built in stock, 2 tactical rails, front barrel attachment and a 30 dart drum the Infinus looks like a piece of work!
Apparently the darts are able to be funnelled through the blaster via motorized loading and straight into the drum which has never been done before so it will be exciting to see how well this works.
It is assumed that the Nerf Infinus will be a full auto blaster but time will tell whether or not this is the case.
The recommended retail price is rumoured to be $70 when released this fall.


Nerf Accustrike MEGA Thunderhawk

nerf mega thunderhawk accustrike new blaster

A combination of two previous lines ‘MEGA’ and ‘Accustrike’ to make the world’s first mega dart blaster with Accustrike technology! The Mega Thunderhawk is a compact sniper rifle with flip down bi-pod and extending barrel, very handy for storage. The blaster is clip fed from the side with a loading capacity of 10 mega darts. There is also a tactical rail up top as expected, to attach your favourite scope for true sniper status!
This blaster looks awesome and if you like the Mega range then you will love this. But the really cool thing about this Nerf gun release is – now you can use Mega Accustrike darts in ALL of your Mega blasters for greater accuracy!
You will be able to add this to your Nerf gun collection for around $50 in the fall.


Nerf Modulus Ghost-ops EVADER

nerf modulus ghost ops evader new 2018 blaster

The Ghost-ops Evader is the first light up blaster with a fully translucent shell giving the Nerfer a full view of the inner workings of this fly wheel modulus blaster. As with all modulus blasters there are stock and barrel connection points as well as a tactical rail up top. In fact it appears that the included barrel extension also lights up on attachment to the blaster!
It is not yet clear whether this will be an auto or semi-auto blaster.
The Ghost-Ops Evader may seem a little bit gimmicky but for me it is another fun option for you to choose from when looking for your next Nerf blaster.
The Evader should retail for around $40 on release in fall 2018.


Nerf Zombie Strike Scravenger

nerf scravenger zombie strike new blaster

The Scravenger appears to be a re-imagine of the Nerf Slingfire, with a few differences and additions. Most notably this time round the stock is a removable attachment and also holds a small 2 dart backup shooter which is basically a jolt reskin with an additional barrel on top.
It is good to see a new option in the Zombie Strike line and with two 12 dart mags and what appear to be 2 tactical rail attachments, you get quite a bit for the price.
The Scravenger is also rumoured to have slam fire integrated which is always a nice feature!
Once available the Scravenger will likely retail for around the $50 mark.


Nerf Rival Prometheus MX-VII 20K

nerf rival prometheus phantom corps

This is it… this is the big one. When you thought Nerf had outdone themselves with the Nemesis, along comes a blaster with twice the ammo capacity! The Rival Prometheus boasts rapid fire of 8 rounds per second and has a giant hopper that holds up to 200 rounds!
To add the cherry on the cake it also comes with a rechargeable battery so no more costly batteries to buy. Really looking forward to getting to grips with this one!
The down side though is that it will cost a small fortune when released in the fall, in the region of $200 which will be out of reach for a lot of people.
You could justify it by offsetting the fact that it comes with a rechargeable battery and 200 rounds, which will definitely save you money in the long run, or wait until it comes down in price.
Available this fall.


Nerf Rival Hades XVIII-6000

nerf rival hades new blaster 2018

This certainly appears to be a reskin/stretched our Artemis though with a reported capacity of 60 Rival rounds that is not such a bad thing! The Hades features the new phantom corps Rival paint job and really does look awesome.
60 rounds will last a fair amount of time in a blaster that is pump action and this is a large capacity compared to other similar alternatives. Not yet sure if the Hades has slam fire though if you asked me to take a guess I would say it most probably does… it certainly would make sense anyway!
REALLY looking forward to having a go on this!
It should be available in the fall for around $70.



To be fair to Nerf… 2018’s line up actually looks pretty sweet, giving you options across the ranges that have either completely new features or upgrades on older blasters. Most notably the Infinus’s new feeding system, the Accustrike integration into the Mega line and the Rival Prometheus… well what can you say about the Prometheus other than WOW!

Yes it is anticipated to be a whopping $200 which is such a lot of money for a foam blaster, but when you take into consideration you get 200 rounds and a rechargeable battery included, it takes the sting down a notch. People with the money WILL buy this regardless of the cost!

… and if you don’t have the money for these new blasters, bringing down the cost of Nerfing is what this site is all about so checkout my article on ‘how to get more blaster for your buck’ here.
Alternatively click on the Nerf Guy banner at the top which will take you to the homepage – search and compare retailers for the best Nerf deals online!

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